domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Smart Cities: Trees to light the streets

Some of you already know that I love to be challenged to think about new products, solutions, business models... And that I usually come up with original ideas. Yesterday challenged myself to find some idea to change the cities with a significant step towards sustainability without using electronics and telecoms. At 6am I woke up with an idea in mind: create natural glowing trees to replace artificial lightining in cities.

I was excited, at least for half an hour. At 6:30am I googled about "arboles luminosos" and google responded, "yes sir, there is a kickstarter project about that". Ok, that hurted my ego a little bit, but the fact that there is an ongoing project about it, and that it looks like they are making real progresses, is even more exciting!!

May be in 10 years from now we start to see streets and squares light by trees. I have no doubt that it will be a BIG business, and a BIG step towards sustainability.

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